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Help & Support

Help desk

More information and assistance can be obtained through the following steps.

The e3Learning support desk will be unable to assist with most enquiries. For this reason, and for the quickest and most accurate assistance, please ensure the steps below are followed.

  • Step 1: Contact your local eLearning administrator

    Each organization in the ReHSeN network has an eLearning administrator, who is a primary contact for providing assistance to users.

    Click on the health service region relevant to you, to find a list of the available administrator contacts:

    If your organization is not listed, or you are unable to reach the eLearning administrator at your health service, please contact any other relevant education, HR or administration personnel.

    If you are in the Loddon Mallee region you may contact the e3 Support Team directly via or 1300 303 318.

    Please note that if you are in the Hume, Grampians or Gippsland regions you MUST contact your Regional Administrator for assistance, and not e3's Support Team.

    If you are uncertain who you are able to contact with your query, please proceed to follow step 2 below.

  • Step 2: Contact the regional elearning administrator

    If your organisational eLearning administrator is unable to resolve your query/issue, they (not you) should contact their respective regional eLearning administrator (see contact details below).

    You should only contact your regional eLearning administrator if:

    • * your local eLearning administrator is unavailable, or
    • * if the issue is of high-importance or urgency.

    Hume Region

    Dr Sue Wilson

    Manager Education & Research Unit
    Northeast Health Wangaratta
    PO Box 386 Wangaratta 3677
    Tel : (03) 5722 5149
    Email :

    Grampians Region

    Gippsland Region

    Robyn Godbold

    Gippsland Regional Nurse/Midwife
    Education Coordinator
    Mobile: 0422495336

    Loddon Mallee Region

    Administrators from services within the Loddon Mallee region may contact the e3 Support Team directly via or 1300 303 318.

    Please note that Administrators from all other regions outside of Loddon Mallee MUST contact their Regional Administrator for assistance.

  • Step 3: Regional eLearning administrator will contact e3Learning support desk

    If your regional eLearning administrator is unable to resolve your query/issue at their level, they (not you) will contact the e3Learning support desk for assistance.

    Do not contact the e3Learning support team directly as they will refer you back to your local and/or regional eLearning administrators.